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This memoir reveals how poets seek light, or mindful presence, in their poetry. Being present to the NOW fosters insights and promotes healing.

I read my poems "Until the Thaw", "Autumn Song", and "The Space Between".

Listen to the poetry of The Buddha (found on poetseers.org).

My gratitude to my sister Cynthia Cady Stanton. Her websites are  https://cynthiacadystanton.com and https://becomingandbeholding.com.  I read two of her poems, "Grace Shower" and "We are Needed".

My gratitude to Stephen Fuller, whose work can be found on https://FullbeardLit.org. He is Managing Editor of Go Dog Go Café: Where Writers Gather. https://godoggocafe.com. I read his poem "Silent on Chauncey Creek".

The image is original digital art, "Seeking Light" by my sister Martha Harris. You can find her work on WordPress. Martha's Artistic Flarings, found at artisticflarings.blog.

My work can be found on WordPress at www.extraordinarysunshineweaver.blog.

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